BASS TALK is a quartet formed in 2001, which features flute, piano, percussion and bass.
The band features the raw and acoustic timbres of each instrument. Most of the tunes are originals written by the leader/bassist Yoshio Suzuki. Apart from that, they also perform tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim and other Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin and jazz standards, approached in a unique and elegant manner.

The group features virtuoso flutist Shinpei Inoue, pianist Soichi Noriki who provides a rich and beautiful piano sound backed up by modern voicings, and percussionist Youichi Okabe bringing colorful rhythms, and to support all that, the deep and warm bass sound of Yoshio Suzuki. It is a top quality musical experience produced by jazz veterans of Japan.

In November 2004 they released their first album gMOON AND BREEZEh as a 35th anniversary for Mr. Suzukifs musical career.

Yoshio Suzuki (Bassist, Composer/Arranger)

Born in Kiso-Fukushima, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
Mr. Suzuki grew up in a musical family where his father was a violin craftsman, his mother a piano teacher, and his uncle, the founder of the world renowned gSuzuki Methodh. He learnt piano and violin as a child and also played guitar during high school. He played piano in the Waseda University Modern Jazz ensemble.

Upon graduation, Mr. Suzuki started his professional career as a pianist. Soon he started studying under Japanese jazz icon, Sadao Watanabe. Around this time, Mr. Watanabe advised him to pursue bass as his main instrument.

From 1969 ~ f73 he was the bass chair for Sadao Watanabe group and Masabumi Kikuchi group.

In October 1973, he moved to New York and started his career in America.
In 1974 he worked for Stan Getz as his regular bassist. Furthermore, he was the bassist for the legendary group gArt Blakey and the Jazz Messengersh from 1975 ~ f76.

From 1976 ~ f80, Mr. Suzuki worked mainly with Bill Hardman&Junior Cook band. He also led his own group in New York City featuring David Liebman on saxophone. During this period, he also worked with Sonny Rollins, Lee Konitz, and Chet Baker. Simultaneously, he studied classical composition. By blending his jazz, classical and Japanese influences, he created a unique composing style and a musical voice.

Mr. Suzuki returned to Japan in 1985 and formed his own group MATSURI.
In 1992, he signed a contract with Video Arts Music and released an all -original composition featured album gTHE MOMENTh(recorded in NY) from the ONE VOICE label. His proceeding releases also feature all original compositions of his own.

In 1993 He formed his own group EAST BOUNCE featuring Souichi Noriki (p, key), Masahiro Fujioka (sax) and Cecil Monroe (ds).
In June they release their debut album gKISSES ON THE WINDh.
They put on an album release concert at the Lafore Museum in Harajuku on the 9th of July.

In January 1995, they release their 2nd album gCOMING BACK TO AMERICAh. Upon the release, they perform a successful series of concerts at more than 20 venues all over Japan.
In the same year, gBEST OF EAST BOUNCEh was released in the United States of America. It was a major hit on the NAC chart of the US and was featured numerous times on New Yorkfs FM radio station CD101.9.
From April 1996, Mr. Suzukifs original compositions were featured on television theme songs all over Japan.

In January 2001, EAST BOUNCE releases their 3rd album, gMISTRALh.
2002 was the final year for EAST BOUNCE. They released a CD and DVD featuring their live performance entitled, g EAST BOUNCE LIVE AT BODY & SOULh which put a period to their nine-year stint.

Mr. Suzuki formed a new group in 2001 called, gBASS TALKh and in October 2004 released their first album gMOON AND BREEZEh. Upon the release and a commemoration of Mr. Suzukifs 35-year anniversary as a professional musician, they performed a concert at the prestigious SOUGETSU- HALL in Aoyama.

In June 2005, BASS TALK conducted a two-week tour around Estonia, Sweden and Latvia, which was reviewed highly.

In June 2006, they performed at gSweet Rhythmh in New York City as part of the JVC Jazz Festival.
Mr. Suzuki was voted No.1 bass player for 3 consecutive years from 2004~2006 in the Swing Journal magazine gJapanese Jazz Musician readerfs Pollh

He is also known by the nickname gChinh and is a leading figure of the Japanese jazz scene.


Shinpei Inoue (Musical Director, Flute)

Born in Tokyo Japan October 18th 1956.
Upon graduation from the Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku High School (High School for Tokyo University of the Arts), Mr. Inoue moved to the United States and studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Mannes College of Music in New York. After his studies, he decides to stay and pursue his career in New York.

He became very active doing recording sessions and performing in major jazz festivals around America. In 1990 he performed a concert at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City.

In 1991, he released his first album in the United States. In the same year, he started to return to Japan on a regular basis to expand his musical activities.

In 1994, Mr. Inoue expands his musical endeavors to Seoul and South-East Asia.

In 1997 he produces the CD of, gKIHARU NAKAMURA AND THE KOUTA (a Japanese ballad accompanied by a shamisen) MESSENGERSh which fuses jazz and Japanese folk music. He is highly credited as an arranger and producer.

In 1998 he released the album gSKETCHBOOKh which won appraisal from many critics.
gA player who possesses the quality to express the tenderness of the flute, yet with a swinging feelh
His first jazz album, gFIRST TAKEh is also available.
In 2001, he releases gSKETCHBOOK‡Uhwhich features legendary flute maestro Herbie Mann. The record delivers the exquisite musical blend of Japan and USAfs top flutists.


Souichi Noriki (piano)

Born in Kyoto 1957.
In 1974, he makes his debut in his fathers band gBelami All Starsh
In 1977, he moves to Tokyo and commences his career performing with the likes of George Kawaguchi group.
In 1980, he joins Toshiyuki Hondafs group gBurning Waveh and also tours with Tatsurou Yamashita.
In 1983 he forms his band gNORIKIh and releases his first album.
In 1986 he releases his 2nd album, gDREAM CRUISEh.
In 1987, releases gJUSTh his solo piano album.
In 1989, he releases gCRESCENTh with bassist Isoo Fukui. He also wrote and worked on two film scores, gLove and Peaceh and gKitchenh directed by movie director, Yoshimitsu Morita.
In 1990, Mr. Noriki joined Sadao Watanabefs band for their American tour. In addition, he works with Terumasa Hinofs, gBluestrack Bandh
In 1991, he scores music for the film, gTasty Marriageh also directed by Yoshimitsu Morita.
In 1992, he joined Sadao Watanabe for his African tour, American tour, and Hong Kong tour. The same year in December, he was featured as pianist and arranger for gSADAO WATANABE NIGHT WITH STRINGSh as the arranger and pianist. This was a live recording held at Orchard hall in Shibuya.
In March 1994, he performs with Kimiko Itofs band in New York Japan society hall. This band consisted of Steve Gadd (ds), Ralph McDonald (perc) and Will Lee (b) that was released as a live recording, gEVENING WITH KIMIKO ITOh. Same year in October, the same band was featured at the Blue Note for a 3 week performance. Also in December, he joins the concert, gJin-Sakuh with Toots Thielmans tour.
In 1995, he joins Terumasa Hinofs all Japan tour. He also worked actively with Tsunehide Matsukifs band gHIPh. In Kimiko Itofs ballad album gSOPHISTICATED LADYh Mr. Noriki did all the string arrangements and was also featured on piano performing with Michael Brecker, Steve Gadd, Ralph McDonald and Will Lee.
In 1996 he composed the theme song for another Yoshimitsu Morita Film, gHaruh.
In 1997, He joins another Japan tour with Terumasa Hino, and also with Kimoko Ito trio.
In 1998, he worked in Keiko Leefs band and Tsunehide Matsukifs band. In September, he joined Naoko Teraifs first album, gTHINKING OF YOUh as pianist and arranger.
In 1999 he records Keiko Leefs Live album, gLIVE 1999h


Youichi Okabe (percussion)

Born in Tokyo, 1962.
While attending Waseda University, he encounters Brazilian Music and starts his career as a percussionist. During this time, he worked for various musicians and bands for recording sessions and liver performances. Later on he worked mainly in the jazz and rock field and also performing with Brazilian musicians visiting Japan.
Currently he is a member of Avant-Garde Rock group gROVOh and gBondage Fruitsh. He has performed with, Barden Powell, Lisa Ono, Shigeharu Mukai, Youichi Murata, and many more.